Rideable horses for Adoption



Birth Year: 2005

Height: 14.2 Hands

Breed/Sex: Paint mare

Cloud came to L.E.A.R.N. in November of 2016 from Bamberg County Animal Control with Lakota, a BLM Mustang and their colt, Indian Rain.  All three were underweight and had been neglected for quite some time. Now all three are happy and healthy and Rain was adopted in December of 2017!  At some point in her life Cloud was not handled by kind nor patient owners originally making her slow to trust. After taking time to heal both physically and emotionally, she has learned that not all humans are bad.  Cloud has been trail ridden, but does not know leads or collection. With the right trainer this pretty, nice moving mare will do well in the ring or as a pleasure horse.  Cloud must be adopted by an experienced ride



Birth Year: 1998

Height: 15.1 hands

Breed/Sex: Thoroughbred gelding

Moe is an off the track thoroughbred who enjoyed a second career was as a polo pony. He has not been ridden in 5 years and needs tune up and an experienced rider. Moe has an old hock injury apparent yet he is sound in pasture and barefoot. Moe pastures well with other horses and is very friendly, especially if you have a treat!



Birth Year: 2001

Height: 15 hands

Breed/Sex: BLM Mustang gelding

Lakota is a blue roan BLM Mustang gelding who has trust issues, hard earned we are sure.  Lakota, came to us via animal control in a neighboring county in November of 2016 along with a mare, Painted Cloud (also for adoption), and her colt Rain (adopted!).   The three horses had been on a property for a few years and were underweight and hadn't had a lot of human interaction.   With unconditional love and a good feed program Lakota has gained over 200 pounds and some trust for his humans here.   He has gone through 30 days of training and will need more training when he finds the right person. Although Lakota is blind in his left eye but it does not seem to bother him. With kindness and compassion this gorgeous horse will morph into someone's forever mount.

Susie Q


Birth Year: 2000

Height: 15.2 Hands

Breed/Sex: BLM Mustang mare

Susie Q came to us from Camden, SC in December of 2017 along with 5 other neglected horses as a severe starvation case. The BLM gave us some information on her past:   


Her freezemark is 00834552, putting her at 18 years old, she was originally gathered from the Salt Wells Creek Herd Management Area in Wyoming on 2/15/2003, they estimated she was a three year old when she was gathered, she is titled, from our records her adopter received the certificate of title 5/16/2004.

Susie Q has little formal handling and although she originally did not trust humans, she is starting to realize we aren't all bad. The fact that we arrive with feed and treats has been helpful. She will need an experienced Mustang trainer.  Ideally, we believe Susie Q would be happiest finding a forever home with a Mustang rescue


Adoption Application

Birth Year: 2005

Height: 16.1

Breed/Sex: Thoroughbred gelding

M&M is a bay Thoroughbred gelding with no papers in hand or tattoo.  However, you can trace his name through the jockey club. M&M has been roped off of and trail ridden by men and women and is gentle and very affectionate.   He is up to date on dental, farrier, vaccines, and coggins and would make a great husband horse.



Birth Year: 2006

Height: 16.1 Hands

Breed/Sex: Reg. Quarter Horse gelding

Before coming to L.E.A.R.N., Hollywood - "Jess A Blue Blazin" - won several races and then was retired as a trail horse.  He is a gentle giant and a favorite with our volunteers as he adores attention, especially grooming. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him.  Hollywood had a chip removed from his right knee years ago and still can be lightly trail ridden.  Our veterinarians will x-ray and further evaluate the knee and suggest further care if needed. He is a cribber if not wearing a cribbing collar.   Hollywood ties, stands for farrier, loads, and is well mannered and is a great EGALA candidate.  

Interested in Adopting?

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Birth Year: 2010

Height: 14.2 Hands

Breed/Sex: Appaloosa gelding

Gunner was an owner turn in situation. He was deemed "wild", "crazy" and "dangerous" and his left side was crushed in from an attack by a stallion when Gunner was just a colt. The woman said she had been advised by two farriers to shoot the "dangerous animal."   We welcomed Gunner to our rescue group and he was neither crazy, nor wild, nor dangerous but his had been a life of trials and tribulations. Three years later and Gunner has learned that not all people are bad and being groomed feels good, even when done gently over his severely crushed chest walls and neck. Through his situation we have been reminded that every life matters and love conquers all.  

Ruby Louise


Birth Year: 2000

Height: 14 Hands

Breed/Sex: Arabian mare

Ruby Louise came to L.E.A.R.N. from Orangeburg County Animal Control as a starvation case. Today she is fully rehabilitated and ready for her new home! Ruby would make a wonderful companion horse, as she is not rideable due to a tendon issue with her back leg.   Ruby is very sweet and an "in your pocket" mare who pastures well with other mares.  

Patrick - Adopted!


Birth Year: 2014

Height: 13 Hands

Breed/Sex: Paint gelding

Patrick was one of six severely starved horses seized by Kershaw County Animal Control in December of 2017 and rehabilitated together at L.E.A.R.N.  He was a 1 on the Henneke Body Conditioning Scale and was extremely weak when he arrived, requiring IV fluids immediately. After a few months of rehabilitation Patrick is now healthy and has gone from being very timid to friendly and curious.  Patrick has started basic ground work and will need training.