Samantha Mischke, one of our Junior Volunteers, recently shared a photography  project she did for school with us on the topic of animal abuse. Her photographs really captured the emotions the horses (and dogs) were feeling as they began their journey towards recovery from starvation and neglect.  Here is what Samantha told us regarding her project:

"For one of our final photography projects, we had to pick a social issue of the world and capture it.  In class we made a broad list of issues and would break everything down into separate categories. I was the only one in my class to pick the topic of animal abuse. When I arrived at LEARN to start photographing some of the horses, there were two new horses as well as two starved hunting dogs.  This allowed me to show that animal abuse can happen anywhere and everywhere, involving any kind of animal.  As I was taking the pictures, I mainly focused on the horses' eyes, to show the emotional side of abuse and their ribs, to show the physical side.  I did the same for the dogs.  

When it was time to present, my classmates were a bit shocked.  Some of them have never seen horses in these conditions before and were surprised to see them like that.  My teacher was proud of my projected and commented on how well I did capture the emotion of the horses and dogs.   One of my images of the dogs even made it into my school yearbook as a divider/spreadsheet (two full pages of the picture, me, and a small description).  I thank LEARN for allowing me to take these pictures for my project so that I could spread awareness."


Teacher's Comments:

Sam's teacher's comments on her photography project about animal abuse.  Sam presented pictures of two new horses  and  two hunting dogs at LEARN.  The project was titled 'Social Issues' and they could pick a category that fit under that title. Sam chose animal abuse because it is very common in South Carolina and she wanted her classmates to see what the rescue sees on a regular basis.