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Welcome to LEARN - Karlos, Lara, Susie Q, Walt, Tommy and Patrick

We have been asked to take in starved horses from an animal abuse case. All are 1's and 2's on the Henneke Body Scoring Scale which means a time and money intense rehabilitation. Please consider donating to help us help these horses. We want to have 2018 be their year to know kindness and restored health. Your generosity will make it possible. Thank you and God bless.

Rescues - Adoptable

Cloud (Adoptable-Rideable)

Painted "Cloud" came to LEARN in November 0f 2016 with her 4 yr half Mustang colt, "Indian Rain" (Adopted!) and a branded yr BLM (Bureau of Land Management), named Lakota. Cloud has gone through a refresher course in ground work and basic riding. She has previous trail experience and loads of potential. She is 13 years old  and suitable for intermediate riders.

Savannah (Adoptable-Rideable)

Savannah is a 15 hand, 14 yr Paint Mare. She is deaf and has worked with our trainer to function well without the guidance of cues from other horses. Savannah is extremely gentle and patient with people. as well as other horses. We find her to be well adjusted and quiet under saddle. She is best suited for a petite person or a child rider. Potential adopters should keep in mind that Savannah is a cribber.

Molly (Adoptable-Rideable)

Molly - a 38 year old gray 13 hand Connemara pony mare. Molly came into LEARN on St. Patrick's Day in 2010 in unacceptable condition. She was very thin with a heavy parasite and sand load. She had an untreated injury that was severely infected. After recovery at LEARN Molly was adopted by a local family and had her own little boy for five years. Once the child lost interest in riding two years ago Molly returned to LEARN and has been a pony party favorite for many. All of the children believe Molly to be a magical unicorn and they love to adorn her with water based paints. 

Lakota (Adoptable-Rideable)

Lakota is a 17 year old, 15 hand, blue roan BLM gelding. He is blind in his left eye and has trust issues, hard earned we are sure. With unconditional love and a good feed program he has gained over 200 pounds and some trust for his LEARN humans. With the right person, with kindness and compassion, this gorgeous horse will morph into someone's forever mount. Lakota has also just returned from a 30-day training program. 

Miles (Adoptable-Rideable)

Miles - 20 yrs old 15.2 hand Dutch warmblood bay gelding. Miles  was a jumper. He won a lot of events in Florida and Aiken. He started to go blind, so his owners turned him in. Since then, the chronic UV-itus has healed and is totally clear. He is rideable and loves trails. He is super sweet and available for adoption. 

Moe (Adoptable-Rideable)

Moe - 20 year old off the track thoroughbred gelding. Second career was as a polo pony. Has not been ridden in 5 years. Needs tune up and experienced rider. Old hock injury apparent yet he is sound in pasture and barefoot.

Rescues - Adoptable

Bristol (Adoptable-Rideable)

Bristol - 16 year old gray warmblood cross mare. 15.3 hands. Retired hunter/jumper. Due to an old snake injury at a coronet band, she's only available as a pasture mate / lite trail riding horse.

"Justabluestreak" aka Hollywood (New Arrival)

"Justabluestreak" aka Hollywood is a 12 year old registered chestnut Quarter Horse gelding, 16.1 hands, off the track. He won several races and was retired as a trail horse. He is a gentle giant and adores attention, especially grooming. He ties, stands for farrier, loads, and is well mannered. Hollywood is a great EGALA candidate. He is a cribber if not wearing a cribbing collar.

He had a chip removed from his right knee years ago. He can be lightly trail ridden and requires daily previcox. Our veterinarians will xray and further evaluate the knee and suggest further care if needed.

Ruby Louise (Adoptable-Pasture Mate)

Ruby Lousie is an 18 year old Arabian mare, sorrel

She came to LEARN from Orangeburg County Animal Control as a starvation case. Today, she is fully rehabilitated and ready for her new home! Ruby would make a wonderful companion horse, as she is not rideable due to a tendon issue with her back leg.   Ruby is very sweet and an "in your pocket" mare who pastues well with other mares.   

Goldie (Adoptable-Pasture Mate)

In her 20's, Goldie is an amazingly sweet Palomino Quarter Horse cross 15.1 hand mare. She arrived at LEARN with nine other starved and abused horses from a local animal control seizure case in January of 2016. Not only ematiated, Goldie was full of sand and parasites, and very weak making hers a very difficult recuperation. Once returned to good health she represented with lameness issues. X-rays revealed Goldie suffered from a preexisting fracture of the coffin bone in her right front hoof. With weight management and anti-inflammatory medications as needed, Goldie is sound and loves her pasture mates as well as being groomed. She is available for adoption as a non rideable-pasture mate.

Holly Grace (Adoptable-Pasture Mate)

Holly Grace is a 16 year old Thoroughbred/Appaloosa cross mare.  15.2 hands.  Holly Grace was discovered abandoned in a stall on one of L.E.A.R.N. Horse Rescue's foster farms. She was an extremely severe starvation case-a .5 on the Henneke Scale. She has some lameness issues and cannot be ridden but would make a great pasture mate. 

Gunner (Adoptable-Pasture Mate)

An 8 year old 14.2 hand Appaloosa gelding, Gunner was an owner turn in situation. He was deemed "wild" and "crazy" and "dangerous" and his sides were crushed in from previous attack by a stallion when Gunner was just a colt. The woman said she had been advised, by two farriers to shoot the "dangerous animal."  

We welcomed "Gunner" to our rescue group and he was neither crazy, nor wild, nor dangerous but his had been a life of trials and tribulations. Three years later and Gunner has learned that not all people are bad and being groomed feels good, even when done gently over his severely crushed chest walls and neck. Through his situation we have been reminded that every life matters and love conquers all.

Available for adoption as a non rideable pasturemate.

Rescues - Permanently Fostered

Sargent Dundee a.k.a Dundee

16 yr OTTB, gelding, 16.2 hands. 

Dundee just arrived at L.E.A.R.N. on November 17, 2016.  He was abandoned by his previous owner and relinquished to our care.  We are finding him to be very sweet and curious and he loads and leads well. 

GRAND GERADO a.k.a Black Jack (ADOPTED !)

Black Jack came to L.E.A.R.N.  in 2013.  A former race horse, Black Jack went on to be the first lesson/show horse for a young lady in New York. Due to osselets from his racing career, Black Jack could not compete as a jumper, only hunter on the flat, and his rider wanted to move up. The owner believed her big, sweet horse was sent to a retirement farm by her trainer. Unfortunately, Black Jack was eventually discovered at an auction, emaciated and extremely sick from strangles. A previous owner bought him from the kill buyer before the gelding was shipped to Canada to be slaughtered. He was sent to us by the rescuer and, after an intense, expensive  rehabilitation, Black Jack recovered.  We have found that as long as Black Jack is consistently exercised, and not jumped, his osselets are not an issue and he exhibits no lameness issues at all. 

Crescent Moon aka Moon Pie

23 yr old Thoroughbred Cross, mare, 15 hands

"Moon Pie," as she is affectionately know at the farm, is a sweet and gentle soul, wonderful with children, adults and other horses.  She is easy going on trails and suitable for all level of riding experience.


Reese is a registerd Thoroughbred (“Sand Reef”) that is 26 years old.   He is 16.2 hands.  He was a starvation case when he arrived, a 3 on the Henneke Scale.  Reese was born in Great Britain and won over $300,000 during his racing career!  He was imported through California, and trained as a foxhunter, a 3-day eventer, and a school horse.  He loves to have visitors and will hold out his tongue until he receives a yummy treat!

Apache ( ADOPTED ! )


"Al" Pacino ( ADOPTED ! )

A 10 hand grulla miniature horse gelding with a blanket, Al had been horrifically mauled by a pack of dogs then left untreated for a week or more. While reviewing the first photos sent by Dr. Wisner on scene, we understood that, should the wounds and his suffering be too great, humane euthanasia was expected. Imagine our shock and relief when the little guy was bright, alert, and responsive, eating hay and drinking water. There was no doubt he was tough, a fighter, and that he had the will to live. After intense medical treatment by our volunteets around the clock, the adorable mini made a quick and remarkable recovery. He will always carry scars on his face from the terrible ordeal which lead us to name him Al Pacino, the star of the movie Scar Face. Al Pacino went to his new home on Christmas Day!

Rescues - Forever Family


In 2012 Berkeley Animal Control convinced the owner of a 3 yr old “medicine hat” paint stallion, later to be named Whisper, to relinquish his custody to LEARN. Whisper  arrived at LEARN 400 pounds underweight, assessed at a 1 on the Henneke Conditioning Scale. He suffered from    severe rain rot, chemical burns and maggot infestation. Whisper was provided with around the clock critical care to ensure a complete             rehabilitation.  Throughout his recovery, Whisper never showed any resentment  toward humans and became very fond of the constant love and attention. LEARN’s commitment, dedication and faith aided in what can only be only described as a miraculous recovery.  Today  you will find Whisper in his stall on the main farm, “patiently” waiting for someone to come by with a snack and a few minutes to adore and dote on him. 

Little Dusty


Dusty has had no formal training, but has been trail ridden most of his life and is a very mannered boy.  He and Edisto have been long-time pasture mates and are inseparable buddies.   



An appaloosa mule that came in for training, Edisto didn't get on well with his owner who ultimately made the hard decision to surrender him to L.E.A.R.N.  After months of training, trail riding and lots of love, he has decided that life is pretty good with us!!  He loves the sweet folks who come to visit and bring treats!  Eddie is Little Dusty's pasturemate and best buddy.



​In his former life, Sailor ranked 2nd in the POA Nat'l standing for lunge line and halter.  After several injuries while in the ownership of others, he was retired at L.E.A.R.N. for light riding and pony party fun.  He is a nice sweet fellow and Frenchy's main squeeze.  



​GRAY, 14.1 HANDS​

Frenchy was a brood mare, turned in by her previous owners because they could no longer afford her care.  Affectionately referred to as "The Goddess," Frenchy is a pony party favorite and Sailor's lady love.


Ruth - Information Coming Soon!

Goodie (Forever Family)

Registered name Hot Good Bar aka Goodie, is a 15.1 hand AQHA retired Western Pleasure show horse. He was adopted out by a wonderful family 11 years ago. They used Goodie as a trail horse across the east coast, then he taught their granddaughter how to ride. Now, at 21 years of age, he is retired from the physically demanding work of mountainous trail riding and returned to LEARN to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. He still likes to hack around on short trails or attend the occasional local playday horse shows with a few lucky LEARN volunteers. Goodie is available for sponsorship only and greatly appreciates kind people coming out to groom and adore him. He especially likes yummy treats.

Cochise - ADOPTED!

Cochise is a 14.2 hand,ten year old pony of the Americas, recently gelded. His previous owner kept this horse in horrible conditions and, if he was handled, it was not kind. Cochise has shown aggression towards humans out of fear and at feeding. He is alpha in his herd of geldings however, as his testosterone levels decline his behavior improves. Cochise is smart,a nice mover, and with the right trainer will make a fantastic hunter/jumper or all around mount. 

Goose Feathers (New Arrival)

Goose Feathers is a 19 year old Bay mare.  She was ridden through a local horse auction, extremely underweight (a 2.5 on the Henneke Scale) and she was in dire need of hoof care. The rider was whipping Goose with the reins and kicking her sides. A concerned LEARN supporter purchased Goose for $300. When the papers were presented to the buyer she discovered that Goose Feathers was royally bred, sold for $55,000 as a weanling, and was eligible to race in the Breeders Cup whem she was younger. Her sire (father), Honor and Glory, raced in the 1996 Kentucky Derby and Goose ran in 8 races before being retired to the broodmare barn for breeding. Goose is recovering quickly and once fully recovered will be up for adoption. Her sweet, gentle manner will steal your heart. So come visit and bring treats!

Rescues - Forever Mini Family

Smarty Pants

12 year old Mini, Gelding, Chestnut Paint, 11 Hands

"Moon Over My Annie" a.k.a Annie

"MOON OVER MY ANNIE" a.k.a Annie

14 year old Registered Mini, Chestnut & White, 11 Hands


Ernie is a 15 year old miniature horse, gelding.   Ernie is a precious little guy!  So curious and friendly that we had a hard time getting his picture!  Ernie pastures well with other horses (big and small) and we believe that he was shown at halter in a previous life.   He is a recovered founder case, so must wear a muzzle when in a lush pasture.

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