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Become a Part of the L.E.A.R.N. Forever Family

Make a difference in the life of a horse by providing monthly financial support for one of our horses.  All of our rescues benefit from sponsorship, but most specifically in need are our forever family as they will live out the rest of their lives on the L.E.A.R.N. farm. 

Our monthly sponsors are the backbone of our program and their support allows us to budget for the intake of future horses in need. Sponsoring a horse helps with the cost of feed, supplements, vet care, dental, farrier and running the rescue.

Sponsorships are monthly repeat donations of any amount!

Full Care Sponsor:      

$150/month covers average cost of feed & care for a month

Feed Sponsor:             

$50/month covers average cost of feed for a month

Partial Feed Sponsor

$25/mo or  any amount you choose helps cover the monthly cost of feed/care

You can even get your family or friends together and all pitch in on a monthly sponsorship of a horse.   Some of the needs of our horses can be quite costly and having more than one sponsor is a great gift to the animal as well as the rescue!

Please go to our PayPal link to sponsor a horse!  

Make sure to write the name of the horse in the memo line.  Or you can contact us at contact@learnhorserescue.org to set up monthly sponsorship!

Thank you to each of our current sponsors for making a difference in the lives of these deserving souls!

Sponsored horses Molly & Goldie

Sponsored horses Molly & Goldie

Sponsor a Member of our Forever Family



In 2012 Berkeley Animal Control convinced the owner of a 3 yr old “medicine hat” paint stallion, later to be named Whisper, to relinquish his custody to L.E.A.R.N. Whisper  arrived at L.E.A.R.N. 400 pounds underweight, assessed at a 1 on the Henneke Conditioning Scale. He suffered from severe rain rot, chemical burns and maggot infestation.  Whisper was provided with around the clock critical care to ensure a complete  rehabilitation.  Throughout his recovery, Whisper never showed any resentment  toward humans and became very fond of the constant love and attention.  L.E.A.R.N.’s commitment, dedication and faith aided in what can only be only described as a miraculous recovery.  Today  you will find Whisper in his stall at our main farm, “patiently” waiting for someone to come by with a snack and a few minutes to adore and dote on him.  Whisper is fully sponsored.

Little Dusty


Dusty has had no formal training, but has been trail ridden most of his life and is a very mannered boy.  Dusty is a favorite amonst our volunteers as he is gentle and reminds everyone of 'Spirit' from the Disney movie of the same name.  Dusty would love a sponsor!  



Reese is a 29 year old, 16.2 hand registered Thoroughbred (“Sand Reef”). He was imported from Great Britain and won over $300,000 during his racing career!  After his racing career he went on to become a fox hunter and for a short time a lesson horse.  His previous owner had an agreement with a riding facility that they could use him as long as they wanted and when they didn’t want him anymore he had to come back to her.   Unfortunately he was sold to another riding facility that was not reputable and eventually Reese and six other horses were seized by Animal Control because they were in varying stages of starvation.  At some point in his career he sustained a significant spinal cord injury which has required Chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, as well as, injections since he has been in our care.   He rarely has a flare up from the old injury and his quality of life is exceptional for a 29 year old off-the-track thoroughbred.  Reese is always an alpha in every stable and the other horses completely respect that.   He adores attention and looks forward to peppermints and will stick his tongue out until you offer him extra!  Reese is fully sponsored!



An appaloosa mule that came in for training, Edisto didn't get on well with his owner who ultimately made the hard decision to surrender him to L.E.A.R.N.  After months of training, trail riding and lots of love, he has decided that life is pretty good with us!!  He loves the sweet folks who come to visit and bring treats!  Eddie is Little Dusty's pasturemate and best buddy.




In his former life, Sailor ranked 2nd in the POA national standing for lunge line and halter.  After several injuries while in the ownership of others, he was retired at L.E.A.R.N. for light riding and pony party fun.  He is a nice sweet fellow and Frenchy's main squeeze.  Sailor is fully sponsored!



Frenchy was a brood mare, turned in by her previous owners because they could no longer afford her care.   Affectionately referred to as "The Goddess," Frenchy is a pony party favorite and Sailor's lady love.  Frenchy is fully sponsored!

Members of our Forever Family are horses at the rescue that due to age, chronic illness, lameness, or behavioral issues are not likely to be adopted and will stay and live out their lives at L.E.A.R.N.



Molly is a 13 hand gray Connemara pony mare who came to LEARN on St. Patrick's Day of 2010 in unacceptable condition. She was very thin with a heavy parasite and sand load. She also had an untreated injury that was severely infected.   After recovery at LEARN, Molly was adopted by a local family and had her own little boy for five years. Once the child lost interest in riding a few years ago, Molly returned to LEARN and has been a pony party favorite for many. All of the children believe Molly to be a magical unicorn and they love to adorn her with water based paints.  Unfortunately Molly has melanoma and is fortune to be fully sponsored.



Bristol is a 15.3 hand Warmblood corss mare. She is a retired hunter/jumper and due to an old snake injury to her coronet band is primarily a pasture mate  although she can do some light trail riding.   Bristol is a very friendly mare and is Whisper's new girlfriend.  Bristol is fully sponsored!



Registered name Hot Good Bar aka Goodie, is a 15.1 hand AQHA retired Western Pleasure show horse. He was adopted out by a wonderful family 11 years ago. They used Goodie as a trail horse across the east coast, then he taught their granddaughter how to ride. Now, at 21 years of age, he is retired from the physically demanding work of mountainous trail riding and returned to LEARN to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. He still likes to hack around on short trails or attend the occasional local playday horse shows with a few lucky LEARN volunteers.   Goodie is is quite mischievous and enjoys "helping" our volunteers with farm chores in his own special way.  Goodie is available for sponsorship only and greatly appreciates kind people coming out to groom and adore him. He especially likes yummy treats.

Forever Mini Family

Smarty Pants

Smary Pants is a 12 year old chestnut mini gelding 

Smarty is a favorite at pony parties and has pulled many L.E.A.R.N. friends and guests on his pony cart.   He and Annie were married at an event at the farm a few years ago and are inseparable.  Smarty Pants is fully sponsored!


Annie is a 14 year old Registered chestnut and white mini mare

Annie's registered name is  "Moon Over My Annie" and after her marriage to Smarty Pants at an event at the rescue a few years ago, she likes to go by "Mrs. Pants".  Annie is fully sponsored!


Ernie is a 15 year old bay mini gelding.   

Ernie is a precious little guy!  So curious and friendly that we had a hard time getting his picture!  Ernie pastures well with other horses (big and small) and we believe that he was shown at halter in a previous life.   He is a recovered founder case, so must wear a muzzle when in a lush pasture.    Ernie would love a sponsor!